Company Overview

Viridity Hydrogen Inc. (VHI) is a Canadian energy production company located in Northwestern Ontario, organized to produce green Hydrogen (H2) from hardwood forest biomass.

Viridity Hydrogen Inc.’s entry to the green energy sector in 2020 is the result of gasification research to produce green H2 from wood biomass. The technology is to be validated at the demonstration plant phase prior to commercialization. Green Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and organic Bio-Ash are potential marketable by-products.

Forest biomass is sourced from sustainably managed forest lands in the vicinity of the production facility. Local entities, some of which are Indigenous, are shareholders in the local forest management company. Ontario’s forest management regulations and policies are recognized internationally for their rigour and excellence, providing for long term sustainability of plant life, animal life, water, soil, air, and social and economic values. The facility’s electrical energy will be derived from renewable sources, including hydro-electric, wood, wind and solar.

International interest in hydrogen as a zero-emission energy source is increasing rapidly, fueled by a global movement to reduce carbon emissions. VHI is positioning itself in the clean energy market to produce green H2, supplying its clients with green products to reduce their carbon emissions footprint.

Viridity Hydrogen Inc. is a member of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.

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VHI Facility & Production

The VHI facility will be in the Thunder Bay, Ontario region. Construction is scheduled to commence in 2023, with commissioning and production in 2025.

VHI's facility output is:

Green H2 is used for fuel cells; ammonia production; urea and nitrates production for fertilizers; steel production; and power generation.

VHI is welcoming offers of investment and/or partnership in this exciting opportunity in the green hydrogen market.

For further information, please contact:

VHI Project Manager

Email: pm@viridityhydrogen.ca       Phone: 807-629-2799